Content is an essential element at the heart of any digital strategy. While it can take many forms, one thing remains clear: its content needs to be created and optimized with a single strategy based on search information.

When you click on a site, the design initially grabs attention. Read on for what’s on this beautifully designed site. If the content is completely fake, with hard-to-read words and a sentence structure that looks more like a puzzle, you won’t waste time clicking Back or Close.

Big Footprint content services are based on search engine marketing principles. Whether you have a massive content store that needs to be updated and optimized, or you are starting from scratch, contacting us means everything is done well.

Content optimization is the process of writing content to reach as wide an audience as possible. The content optimization process should include checking for related keywords, adding meta and tags, and related links. Optimize headlines to increase CTR and visuals to increase user experience. To provide the best content you need proper content planning and optimization. Below we have described content generation and optimization for your better understanding.

Ideation & Strategy

We analyze your existing content elements and generate ideas for new interviews and keyword research. Advances such as Content Calendar and Big Footprint Content Gap Analysis ensure that content creation efforts are focused on topics that will drive traffic and revenue.


It’s not enough just to create content, but also to fully optimize it to find it on the search engines. We optimize all existing and new content tools to improve search traffic.


We create articles, videos, blog posts, infographics, annotations, e-books, and press releases. As the depth of content increases, so does the digital footprint.

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